Why I Decided to Give Up Shampoo



(This photo was taken on Day 2. Day 1 consisted of a Baking Soda and Vinegar wash, air drying, and no styling. Day 2 I used a tiny sprinkle of homemade dry shampoo.) 


I am going to start by saying that I am not an expert on the “No Poo” method. (And that I did not come up with that name!) I want to, right off the bat, refer you to almostexactlyblog.wordpress.com. Alex Raye is the blog writer, and I have been visiting “Almost Exactly Blog” quite frequently since I started this. If you are thinking about going ‘no poo’, I’d recommend you read every blog post she’s written on the subject! 🙂 She has been doing this for years…as I am writing this post I’m only on my 38th day.

I personally started ‘no poo’ for two reasons: hair growth and health. Since I’m in the process of growing out my hair, one night I was researching natural ways to grow it out longer and faster. I came across a few blogs of girls that were doing ‘no poo’ and it really caught my interest! I read up on ‘no poo’ so much that night! For the next few days, I researched and researched, then made a little list of things I needed to go buy if I was going to experiment with this.

I had been using “Lush” shampoo bars for awhile, but one day (a few days before starting to research ‘no poo’) I came across a catalog that a girl who worked at “Lush” had given me. I started looking through it and was shocked at what I found! Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfates were the first ingredient in every product, followed by a few natural/organic ingredients and ending with every artificial color you can think of. They claim to be so good and natural and organic and full of essential oils. I had been duped. Sure there were those few good ingredients in the middle, but why’d they have to leave the chemical ingredients out when I went into the store and interrogated them about what was in the shampoo bar I was thinking about buying?

I thought I had a totally clean, natural and chemical-free home: my kitchen finally held all natural and organic food, my make-up was all-natural, my hygiene products were all 100% natural, my laundry detergent was all-natural, and up until the point I found that “Lush” catalog, I thought my shampoo was, too.   


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