I Ate ‘Ice Cream’ for Breakfast


This was my breakfast this morning, and it was divine! I started with sliced, frozen bananas.


I threw them into the food processor.


I let it grind them for about 30 seconds, until the bananas looked kind of like sand.


At this point I stopped to scrape down the sides.


I let it grind them for another 30 seconds until it was smooth and creamy.


Then I added a spoonful of All-Natural Dark Chocolate Dreams made by Peanut Butter & Company.



I then let the food processor grind the chocolate peanut butter and bananas together for another 30 seconds and had my delectable finished product.


Super easy and amazing! Here’s where I got this idea:


They used peanut butter and cocoa powder, but I’m sure it’d be good with just peanut butter too. I’ve also eaten it just as straight banana, nothing added, and it tastes great like that too!



2 thoughts on “I Ate ‘Ice Cream’ for Breakfast

  1. Love it. I am a big fan of banana “ice cream” myself! I throw a banana in the Magic Bullet, with a splash of coconut milk. Then I freeze the concoction for later that eve. It’s perfectly creamy and delicious! Thanks for this idea too. I can’t have pb but I just picked up a cashew butter. Hmmm…

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